Reframing by definition is to view a situation, thing or person in a different way than you had originally. Reframing gives us a chance to give something a different perspective, a second chance and a deeper understanding. Often, it's to put things in a better light in order to accept and/ or improve upon something through a new perspective. Now, why am I talking about reframing on a wellness blog?

Reframing is a mindset skill. Reframing the way we view things is an important skill to have in anything we do. A large part of our well-being depends on us being mindful of our choices. So the way we process the world around us is important. The way we process things can start to determine our approach. Not everything we want or do will turn out the way we intended the first time around. This mindset (reframing) allows us to approach things with a fresh perspective while learning from our first, second, or third tries. Without this mindset skill, we might give up too quickly or think we're just not cut out for what we want to achieve. Reframing allows us to become resilient because we refuse to take things in the negative first. We get stubborn and put a positive spin on them — the less than successful attempts.

When it comes to trying to improve upon our wellness, we come to many realizations about ourselves and perhaps, more limitations than we cared to know about ourselves. We might even start to define tackling these wellness goals as having a struggle with them. This is where reframing becomes your best friend. The ultimate best friend to have in times when you doubt what you're capable of. 

Reframing your struggle into believing them to be challenges instead of struggles, is one of the best ways to get through them. If we continue to think of the tough times and the hurdles we go through as struggles, we can easily fall into the “why me” mentally and in the victim role. BUT, if we reframe these times with the acceptance of being challenges, something inside us grows in the most stubborn and best way. We become determined. We become eager to try new ways of doing things, seeing if it works and trying again until something sticks. It becomes a game. A you versus you game. Who doesn’t like to be challenged from time to time? It gives us the opportunity to show what we’re made of and keep on going.

So, with that, next time you think, 

“I have to workout, why is this so hard”? say, 

“I get to workout because I can and I’m going to get better, stronger”.

And instead of,

“I have to eat this boring food so my body weight will change, why isn’t there an easier way” 

Pause, be grateful and say,

“I have the means to buy food that nourishes, sustains and allows me to achieve my goals”

You have the power to change the narrative. 

Instead of,

“I am struggling with”, say, “I am challenged by”

Practicing reframing our thoughts to receive our once deemed struggles into challenges helps us power through them with the intent to learn, grow and ultimately conquer them and come out on the other side. If we don't succeed the first time, the next time will be better because we'll already know what doesn't work. 

So today, know that you're not struggling, you're being challenged by your goals, for they are the ones that build bigger, better, stronger versions of ourselves.

Wishing you 3H’s


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