Reality Check

  Reality Check - You won't know until you start

Time for a quick reality check. 

How many times have you wanted to start your wellness goal? Too many to count?

How many times have you not even started because you thought you wouldn’t have what it takes to accomplish your goals? Countless amount of times?

Here’s your reality check - YOU WON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU START.

What has stopped you? You may have thought that you don’t have what it takes or it isn’t the right time. In some situations, it very well might not be, but be honest with yourself about this. You may have even thought it was “too late” for you to start but according to who though? Couldn’t be you; because you more than anyone knows what you are capable of. So what is it truly?

Fear? or False Evidence Appearing Real?

It’s a false thought if you think you can’t; because you haven’t tried in order to know what would work and haven’t seen what you can do in order to switch things up and make it work.

Bottom line

  • It isn’t too late.

  • You can start again (and again and again). Because it matters not how many times you fell, but how many times you got back up.

  • You in fact DO have what it takes.

& Timing? What timeline?! Whose?

I’ll go a little Southern on this for you to get my point across..

Honey, ain’t no better time than right now!

If you want a change, make it. Make the time, dedicate the time, gather your resources, get back to basics, start where you can but just start. 

The moment you do, you’ll take off and be amazed.


What is it that's held you back? What would you need to start working on your wellness? Share in the comments.

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