Series 1 Wellness Tips: Tip #7 Practice GRATITUDE

Hey Everyone! It’s day 7 in our Wellness Tips Series. I’m especially looking forward to talking about today’s tip. Practicing Gratitude.

Practicing Gratitude is such a key element to our state of health and in our lives. It’s painfully underrated and deserves a lot more conversations around the topic. The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. Here's just a short list of the benefits of practicing gratitude:

  • Improved mental health and strength
  • Improved relationships
  • Increases feelings of compassion
  • Increases our understanding of everything around us
  • Decreases stress
  • and so much more...

But, how do we practice gratitude? Isn’t it just another way of being thankful? Sure, to an extent, but on a profoundly mindful level. In general, we are thankful and we try not to take things for granted and that’s great. Practicing, key word being practicing, gratitude becomes just as important as any other part of our daily routine as talked about in this series.

Practicing gratitude means taking time out, each and every day, with intention and acknowledgment of all aspects of our lives. Sometimes that will also mean being grateful for the things that we typically aren’t too happy about. Why? Because a wise lady* says “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.  

In life, good times will come, and the bad ones will inevitably come along as well. With the good and the not-so-good at all, will come different insights, alternate perspectives, and new found strengths. For all this and so much more, practicing gratitude daily will enrich our lives in a way we never knew it could.

If you’re still at a loss, try these simple acts at some point in your day and come back and tell us how you felt. 

  • Journal or Meditate

Write down 1 thing you were grateful for at the end of each day.

On the tougher days, when it’s not as clear as to why to be grateful, look back at the days where it was more obvious and reflect on that.

Check out The Five Minute Journal. They feature a simplistic daily journal filled with daily inspirational quotes and affirmations, space to write what you were grateful for and reflections each day. If writing isn’t your thing and you’re more techy (like I am) check out The Five Minute Journal in your app store. 

If journaling isn’t for you, meditating with gratitude as the main intention will do just as well.

  • Reflect

Think of where you are in the present and how far you have come. Through it all, you’re here, reading this post because in some way, this resonates with you. Recognize your strengths and be grateful for every bit of it. You’re a warrior.

  • Pay it forward

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of any sort or cost anything. At base, simply put out your positivity onto the next person, whether it be through text, or a wink (because our smiles are behind protective masks these days :-) , do so. That kind text or wink may be what got someone else through their rough day.

  • Take time to appreciate the little things

Whether you’re outside walking down a sidewalk taking in some fresh air or sitting down to eat a home cooked meal, notice around you, and see how absolutely fortunate you are to have this moment and experience it all.

In the spirit of practicing Gratitude...

I, Elizabeth, Founder of The Wellness Hub, would like to thank you and express my Gratitude for sticking around and keeping up with Series 1 Wellness tips of my new venture. I hope to see you again.

May all your days be filled with Health, Happiness, and Harmony.


 *That wise lady is My Mom

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