Series 1 Wellness Tips: Tip #3 Get Movin'!

What better way to follow up on yesterday’s post then to follow it up with a little movement. Now that we are minding our consumption, getting our nutrition into gear and tailoring it to our bodies, let’s incorporate movement! Any movement! And when we say any, we mean ANY. 

Movement is essential to our bodies. Increased movement promotes circulation throughout our bodies and gets our bodies’ processes going for the day. This is especially true if we can routinely incorporate movement earlier in the day. Whether it be a scheduled workout class, home workout, or your daily chores that gets ya movin’, make it a priority. Why? Because YOU are a priority and your body deserves all you got to give it and then some.

Check out these tips to get you started:

Choose something fun! - (Preferably something that doesn’t feel like exercise) :-) 

  • Set a music playlist and turn your living room into your personal dance floor. Go Ahead! No one is looking! In fact, mind if we join in?! :-)
  • Check out zumba for some real fun workout options. The best part, you don’t have to master the moves, just have fun with it!
  • Browse through YouTube and type in workout playlists that content creators and people just like us have created to keep you moving from the comfort of your own home.

Keep it Simple

  • Go for a walk. Never underestimate walking. It’s easy on our bodies and as an added bonus, we can incorporate those mindful practices we talked about in Tip #2 of Series 1: Wellness Tips
  • Incorporate stretching in your daily movement regimen. Simple stretches right after you wake up will do just great.
  • Stretch out your weekly chores into daily chores. This way, you get a little bit of movement in each day. Watch and see the benefits flood in and get you inspired to do more activities that include movement.

Still feeling uninspired?

Browse your favorite or compatible app store on your phone and download an app that gives you daily reminders to get active. Set reminders in designated intervals to stand up and stretch a bit. Similar apps will suggest different workouts that you can tailor to your preferences. There is something for everyone, every fitness level, beginner, intermediate and beyond!

While you're here, browse the shop for fun and easy fitness gear to incorporate in simple daily movement practices. We like’em but we’re biased!

Now, enough chit-chat, let’s Get Movin’! :-)

Have a favorite way to get movin'? Share it with us down in the comments!


See you back here tomorrow for Tip # 4 of Series 1: Wellness Tips



Not sponsored by linked recommendations. We actually enjoy them and incorporate them in our daily movement routines!


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