Series 1 Wellness Tips: Tip #2 Mindful Consumption

Consumption in its simplest form defined is the using up of resources. As it pertains to this tip, it’s not only about what we can consume but what can also consume us.

It seems as time goes on, our access to certain resources become more and more abundant. In many ways, this is great! But it isn’t without its challenges as having an abundance of resources now calls onto us to set healthy limitations.

Now, why should we mind our consumption? Set limits? Don’t we want to live abundantly? Sure we do, but consuming in excess of almost anything will run counterproductive to our wellness goals. This is one of those times when sometimes less is more.

We want to be able to maintain a balance between all that we consume beyond just our nutrition. We want to be able to manage the type and amount of media we engage with daily (especially important nowadays). It can all too often become overwhelming, stressful and all too consuming of ourselves. 

Being mindful of our environments and how we surround ourselves is another way in which we mind our consumption. Not only will we accomplish not taking in what doesn’t serve us but also seeing too that we are not consumed. 

Let’s start to get to know our bodies better and what they need in order to perform at its best.

Here are a few areas we can start to mind our consumption and achieve a healthier balance in our daily routines:

Consume a well-balanced diet*

Incorporate a variety of multi-colored vegetables, varying proteins and fats for optimal health. This can take time, decide what works best for you.

Eat intuitively

No to overeating AND no to undereating. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satiated. Balance is Key.

Eat Mindfully

Limit activities at the table. This will allow us to stay in tune with whether or not we are satiated.

Set limits on News & Social Media 

Make use of personal settings in apps that offer it. Many times you can set reminders when you have reached your set personal limit for app usages.

Be protective of your energy

Take adequate breaks throughout the day as to not exhaust.

Gauge how those around you make you feel and set healthy boundaries. By the same token, keep those around that absolutely nourish your soul.

Rest when your body asks you too.

Learn to say no, change your mind and know that it is okay.

Kind Disclaimer:

*Diet - when used, is in the context of the make up of one's typical food consumption and our typical daily regimen. 

We do not believe in adhering to diet cultures and fads. You will see us with an apple in one hand and a piece of chocolate in another.

It’s called BALANCE! :-)


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