Series 1 Wellness Tips: Tip #4 Self-Care

On our wellness journeys, oftentimes, self-care can be something we overlook. We get all too consumed to eat the right things and do the right workouts that we don't realize it. We forget to really take into account the additional care we need to give ourselves, beyond those obvious practices.

Practicing self-care as a part of a well rounded daily routine is a much needed aspect so we can feel and perform our best. 

In our series we’ve talked so much about the activity, involvement and momentum we put forth on our wellness routine. Self-care practices are a time where we take things a little slower and with a little bit more of intention. It’s a time to really love on ourselves. A time to reward ourselves for a job well done, each and every day, as we incorporate our other wellness habits talked about in our current wellness series.

So know, that it’s okay to take a moment, each day, by yourself and for yourself, to recharge and take care of the body that allows you to get from one day to the next.

Here are some of the ways to incorporate self-care practices in your daily routine:

Sleep in 

Yes, we said it. Sleep in! We’re living in a world that is so fast-paced, even for our own good. If you don’t have to be anywhere, take the extra time to rest a little more than usual. 


Now, before you all come at us with the “woo woo” comments, hear us out! Meditation isn’t strictly what we’ve come to think it is. It isn’t bound to certain practices like Yoga and Pilates (although, we are a fan, check out these Wellness Hub goods* :-). Meditation can be just sitting outside with a cup of tea and taking in the fresh air. Meditation helps us focus on one thing at a time. Something as simple as taking in deep breaths for a minute or two, intentionally, is inducing a meditative state. We’ve all done it (& need it), even if we didn’t realize it.

Treat yourself

Reward yourself for all you do, for others and for yourself. Take time to take yourself out on a date and indulge when possible. Get yourself those things you have been holding yourself back from giving yourself because it’s “too much”. Try our favorite skincare tool* to add to your skincare routine. It’s just a little bit of luxe and we love it!

De-clutter your socials

If it’s on your feed and it stresses you out, get rid of it. If it’s negative, get rid of it. If it doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves….hmmm...GET.RID.OF.IT. Taking a note from our Tip#2 of this Wellness Series shares with us the importance of minding our consumption and how that affects us. 

Be your own biggest fan

We might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we can be our own fan. Compliment yourself for the badass that you are. Continuously tell yourself the things you know you are capable of and crush it!

Be creative

Think outside the box! We like thinking outside the box at the Hub! Why, you ask? Because it inspires us to do things a little differently than the norm and to explore the many facets there are to life and seeing what works.

Lastly, but certainly not least….

Keep on Keepin’ on!

Come back tomorrow to see what more the first installment of The Wellness Hub Blog series has to offer and continue striving to achieve your #wellnessgoals.

If you missed them, take a look at our previous wellness tips on how to incorporate more wellness practices into your life. 

Be Well.



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