Series 1 Wellness Tips: Tip #1 Be Gentle

Being gentle with ourselves and giving ourselves a little bit of grace, especially, when we need it most.

We might not always feel our best, do our best, and be our best; these are the times it serves us well to be gentle in our pursuit of health, happiness and harmony.

This means:

No negative Self-Talk: Speak kindly to yourself. Why?  Because you’re YOU and you’re AWESOME.

Give yourself time: Bad days and good days will come and go. Sometimes the bad and the good will happen simultaneously and that is natural. Grant yourself the time to feel through each situation. Take in the good, release the rest.

Set healthy boundaries:  In work and in personal spaces, teach yourself that it is okay to create boundaries and set time for yourself in order to recharge.

Be your own biggest fan: Recognize your strengths, your accomplishments and all that you are. You are you and there is only one of YOU. You are unique.

Listen to your body: Be mindful of what your body tells you Yes, our bodies speak to us, so listen up and take note :-). Our bodies have built-in alert systems! Be attentive of when it needs rest, movement, and nourishment. Trust us, your body with thank you!

Be gentle with othersEveryone has a story and a struggle they are going through. Much like yourself, they too are on a journey of some kind. This practice will come back and nourish the giver in more ways than one. 

Practice gratitude: No matter how much is going on or how things are going, we can find at least one thing that stands out that we can be thankful for. Let’s recognize it and build on this practice daily.


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