5 Tips for Preventing Burnout

Step 1: Plan & Prioritize

If you can foresee and write down your main goals to accomplish during the week, do so. Future self will thank you. You'll have a plan that outlines realistically all you can accomplish in a day.

Step 2: Take Breaks

Yes, even with the plan and prioritize strategy. Built-in breaks are a must to not over stress and so that you're more productive on your goal-getter tasks!

Step 3: Say NO!

Stop the people pleasing! If it fits comfortably in step 1 AND needs your attention, sure. Otherwise, you know what to do! Say NO.

Step 4:  Check in

Step 1 is NOT written in stone. If you need to feng shui that plan mid week, midday, do so. Don't be hard on yourself. Self awareness is just as important as any goal.

Step 5: Recycle & Repeat

Take note of what worked with you to get the work done efficiently and without added stress. What didn't work, toss out. Repeat with what worked and continue crushing it week after week.

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