Series 2 Motivation

Motivation seems to be the gold standard for how we approach goal setting.

In order to begin any goal and accomplishment we seek, we wait for that "spark" or feeling of motivation. It does come, but it may not last as long as we would like it too. For that, we have tips along the way that we learn in order to remain inspired and motivated to keep on going.

It's difficult to stay motivated. Our days include ups and downs, many of which we can't foresee. Regardless, it's nice to have some structure in our goal setting so that when something comes along, and motivation is scarce, we can rely on those to get us back on track.

This will bring motivation into its new form and that is consistency. Consistency will mean we keep on track no matter the circumstances and use our tools in order to redirect us. 

One of the easiest tools to use is to write a routine down. If our day throws us a curve ball, we can refer to our written down plan for redirection. The goal-getter calendar on the blog is a great tool to use for this. It also includes inspirational quotes on each month's page to help set the tone for goal crushing.

This series will break down some simple tips to implement in order to stay motivated. They'll serve as prompts along the way and remind you that with just a bit of effort, motivation is within reach. You'll be able to stay on track and do so by relying on your newly acquired tools. As talked about in the previous post, your self-accountability will be strengthened and you'll grow into a powerhouse of motivation driven solely by you. You got this.

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